Participants may register as a RUNNER or a ZOMBIE.

The Tallahatchie Zombie run is an approximately 3 mile (5K) fun run that meanders along the banks of the Tallahatchie River and through downtown New Albany, Mississippi. Throughout the race there will be zombies...lots of zombies some in groups, some straggling;  some will shuffle and some will be quick.

At the beginning of the run, runners will be given a belt (a life belt) with three flags (life lines) on it and assigned to a wave. The purpose of the run is for runners to finish the course with at least one flag intact. Losing all flags means that you have become infected and have not survived the run. That being said, there will be a number of lifelines hidden throughout the course, so even if you lose all your flags, you still have a chance, albeit a small one, to "survive" the race (HINT: it's best to run in groups in order to protect those with few flags left). When encountering zombies, runners must evade them and cannot initiate contact with them or push or shove them. Runners will continue on the course until its completion at the Union County Courthouse downtown.

Two hours prior to the race, zombie participants will arrive for their zombie makeover and sector assignments. We encourage all zombie participants to arrive as "zombied up" as they can, though additional make up and zombie blood can be applied upon their arrival. As well, zombies should come attired in clothes that they don't mind being splattered with artificial blood (themes are encouraged: prom zombies, wedding zombies, business man zombies, doctor zombies, etc.). Once the makeup is applied, zombies will be led to their sectors to await the feast of the uninfected. Each zombie group will have a zombie captain to ensure that zombie run etiquette is followed: zombies are to avoid heavy contact with runners and are to only reach for the flags worn on the runners' belts and zombies are only allowed to take one flag from a runner (zombies cannot grab two or more flags at once).  

Once the race is complete, zombies and runners alike can converge at the afterparty downtown where there the Hill Country Halloween and Chili Cookoff will be in progress. There will be live music and race participants will be entitle to two free beverages and light refreshments. Each participant will also receive coupons for downtown restaurants or are invited to sample North Mississippi's best chili at the Chili Cookoff ($10 entry fee).